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replica Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Chronograph 6340.41.84.1169 watch









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Replica Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Chronograph 6340.41.84.1169 watch

Its Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Chronograph 6340.41.84.1169 shape may have been developed for many years to meet all the technical requirements of performance, economy and safety, but the essence of the original 901 can be preserved. In the past 53 years , Porsche has become a synonym for design. So it's no surprise that the name has appeared on countless different luxury goods.

Porsche and Porsche Design are two separate entities, but their design capabilities continue. Porsche design, through a range of luxury products in its catalogue, has attracted many car fans with its clothing, glasses, writing tools and most famous timepieces. The brand has been Recently, I had the opportunity to deal with one of the timepieces in the company's boutique in Knightsbridge, London, The chronotimer series 1 is equipped with anthracite dial, dark blue ring around the small dial and dial area of ​​the dial case. The contrast between the two tones is subtle,But I suspect it will look more pronounced in different light conditions. Both the hour hand and minute hand have contemporary style and are lined with white luminescent materials. The hour marker combines a short baton (even hours) with a neat Arabic minute marker (displayed In an odd hour position). This best swiss replica watches has almost details and a neat and tidy appearance.

At 9 o'clock in the evening, there is a small second hand. In contrast, a small hole can see the date. Next to the date, the logo with the Porsche Design logo flashes in subtle light.

Along the north-south axis are two timekeepers. They are larger than small second hand displays and dominate the dialing picture. The upper dial shows a 30 minute clock, while the lower dial shows a 12 hour clock. The two timetables share the same large Scale.

Occupying the periphery of the dial is a clear angel like white minute watch, which can be used with a central timing second hand to read the time interval of children's of watches

The dark blue dial of Porsche Design timing Series 1 presents an introverted, almost simple design layout. There are no trivial details or unimportant content, all designed to make reading easier. The subtle contrast between the anthracite dial and the low-key dark blue hue Is sublime. In addition, the use of clean white markings on small dials and small objects can enhance readability.

The proportion of titanium case should ensure that it is suitable for the majority of watch buyers. It has been proved that the size of the watch is neither small nor small. Highly polished, robust case looks very attractive, providing a perfect complement to the limited It is well known in the clock industry for its impeccable reliability. But it must not described as the most beautiful movement that exists. Porsche design is committed to improving the beauty of the movement by coloring the Glass, fitting the blue screws and equipping the movement with a personalized Porsche Design Brand rotor. Another advantage of ETA valjoux 7750 is that it is easy to repair and affordable. Indeed, as any 911 owner can attest, this iconic car is relatively affordable to Repair,Reinforcing the similarities between the watch and the supercar.Porsche Design Watch Replicas


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