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Heisen Group是一家综合金融服务公司,拥有高频交易,对冲基金,外汇交易,投资银行等多重业务。
其中的Heisen Institute of Finance向您提供最好的股票交易投资课程。
--优秀学员可得到Heisen Group交易部门交易员的工作

地址:20th floor 14 Wall Street NY NY 10005
Heisen Institute of Finance Trading Program is a comprehensive training program designed to teach traders the skills necessary to achieve long-term success. We train, coach, and mentor traders on how to develop an edge in the modern market.
We provide:
1) Powerful trading platforms, including exclusive access to the newly developed algorithmic trading system
2) Solid training with traders sharing their profitable trades every day after the market closes
3) Competitive commission rates and payouts
4) Risk management analysis, trade review, and progress evaluation
Who should attend:
(1) Those who want to learn how to make money by stock trading and investments
(2) Stock/futures/currency traders who want to improve trading skills
(3) Professional investors who make a living buying &selling securities
(4) Fund managers who want to hire talented and good traders
(5) Private fund managers who are looking for network opportunities and business partners
Qualified Trainee Will Trade Firm Capital - NO Capital Risk Contribution Required
HIF( Heisen Institute of Finance)’s expert instructors, the trading industry's number one rated team of educators, will personally take each Master Trader student under their personal educational wing. Not only will the industry's best training take place during the course, HIF will continue to mentor, develop and grow the trader's success. As long as the graduate remains a Heisen Trader, the training never truly stops.
Topics Include:
•         The Market Maker Box and Reading the Level 2
•         Cycle of Stocks Movement
•         Efficient Orders, Executions, and Routing
•         Relative Strength & Weakness Analysis
•         Algorithmic HFTs and their Effect on the Marketplace
•         Candlestick Analysis & Chart Patterns
•         Technical Indicators & Structured Tier System
•         Stock Selection & Game Planning
•         Money Management
•         Trading Psychology
If you have the drive and determination to be successful in the highly competitive world of proprietary trading, please send us a copy of your resume. Please send all correspondence directly to us and we will respond to you promptly.

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